This section will provide news and information about current events and projects at Three R and provide you with tips and tricks to make your stay with us more enjoyable!
Thee R Building Improvement Iniatives
We're always upgrading!

At Three R Property Management we are always busy with new initiatives that make your life more comfortable. Here's a sample of some of the projects we are working on to stay one step ahead:

  • modernizing elevators
  • refurbishing hardwood floors
  • updating kitchens (tiles and cabinetry)
  • updating bathrooms (tiles and vanities)
  • modernizing and renovating balconies to enhance your experience of the summer months
  • replacement of the boilers to provide energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly reliable winter comfort!

Reliable winter comfort...
...that's better for the environment.

We are in the process of replacing our boiler units to provide energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly reliable winter comfort!


The boilers are models from De Dietrich and Camus, industry leaders in the design and build of commercial boilers. The installations have a redundacy of a second boiler, providing for continuous heat in case of service issues which virtually eliminates the concerns that come with single boiler installations. Heat exchangers for the domestic hot water are double-wall stainless steel plates for maximum efficiency with minimum heat loss. Venting has been replaced with new stainless steel liners. The drives are variable-frequency drives that are microprocessor driven digital operators and the controls are state-of-the-art Tekmar equipment.

Coinless convenience...
...that just makes sense without quarters.

Our laundry facility upgrades are underway and we are proud to offer Huebsch laundry systems and, in some buildings, Phelp's Smart Card technology that improve energy-efficiency and convenience.

The new machines are high-quality, have stainless-steel drums and are outfitted with a coinless payment system that is convenient and easy-to-use. You merely use a debit or credit card to add value to your smart card and never again worry about pesky quarters.

Rogers has resources to ease moving...
...for before, during and after.
Moving can be stressful and Rogers has pages of information that help you ease the chore. There are sections that help you before, during and after the big day! Resources include: a moving checklist, notifying contacts and handy hints to help keep you relaxed. Articles about home décor, kids and home organization from Chatelaine, Today's Parent and Chocolat Magazine. More

Three R and you help Fight Hunger!
Last spring's drive was a huge success.
With the support of our tenants, superintendents and staff during last year's 4th annual spring food drive Three R helped collect more than 60,000 pounds of food to help Fight Hunger in the GTA. Without your support we never could have done it. Thanks to you all!

Read a letter (PDF, 28k) we received from the Executive Director that acknowledges everyone's amazing efforts.

"Daily Bread Food Bank is Toronto's leader in the fight against hunger. Each month we serve over 75,000 people in the GTA through our network of 160 member agencies and over 190 food relief programs. Our agencies run neighbourhood food banks where people come to access food hampers, as well as meal programs where people can access prepared meals such as soups or casseroles."

For more information the Daily Bread web site provides information about its programs and events.

Toronto Hydro provides tips for conservation
Conservation makes sense!

"With rising energy costs, you could be facing an increase if the consumption of energy in your building is not reduced. Whether paying your electricity through your maintenance or rental fees or directly to Toronto Hydro on a separate bill, you should be focused on conserving energy in your apartment or condominium.

The following energy tips will assist you in reducing your electricity consumption, providing you with energy savings to help make your apartment a more pleasant place to live. Most of the following suggestions are low or no cost changes that you can make to reduce your electricity usage and your monthly costs." More

Information about what we all can do to...
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
For a dizzying array of information for apartment dwellers the City of Toronto provides all the information you need to know about waste collection, recycling and how to make the most of items that don't need to be thrown away. Their section on the three r's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) gives a breakdown on the how, what and why of recycling and reusing household items you don't want anymore. More

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